Film reviews

I’m transferring some previous posts into this more strictly film-related place.  Here are some links.

Some of you might not have seen this.  Here’s the method and the mindset that informs these reviews:

A couple of films, by a couple of pioneers:

Vintage non-fiction (w’ one re-post):

Some kids’ films:

Rock docs:

  1. Marc said:

    These are fantastic. Thank you for sharing all of this stuff online. I somehow ended up on your manifesto too, and what a great thing to have on the web, in writing. Some 11 years after seeing Mon Oncle for the first time, I still want to just love it but I’m only about 75% there. That really bugs me because I can’t really fault the film or filmmaker…I just need to think more about it. By the way, what would have been the film I watched in a 3 or 400 level class (docs?) about some Italian-American brothers having a grand old time? Lots of laughter. Post-1990 I’d guess. I need to re-watch & write about that one because it really changed my life.

    • Liking 75% of a film, or liking a film 75% is quite a bit, isn’t it? Ted Williams batted .406 only, back in ’41.

      Was it Big Night?

  2. Marc said:

    Wow, Big Night is exactly the film I described above, just…it’s not the film I remember seeing. Ha ha. I’m pretty sure it was a documentary–it had to be either docs or Children’s Media. I guess all I can say with certainty is: Middle-aged men talking with family outdoors and having a very happy time. If you think of something.

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