Film reviews: for adults only

Did I get your attention there?  Well, it’s true.  We often hear these unwaveringly convicted, occasionally facile declarations from the circumspect.  Touch not the unclean thing, they say.  Well they’re right of course, in principle and in fact.  But in the area of the narrative arts they are not always right in the actual application.  Curriculum and literacy have a legitimate claim on the specialist, or the person who aspires to become one.  So do history, and chronicle.  And what of proxy?  What of the power of negative example, or of the negative transformed?  What of God be merciful to me a sinner?  Or not making a man an offender for a word?

The fact is that some things, some films that aren’t appropriate for children are very appropriate for you big people.  Were it not so, there wouldn’t ever be any children.  Ha!  So let’s be careful about what we see.  Let’s not, by any means, see just anything.  But we’ve still gotta hear and know and talk about things …

Starting with Clint Eastwood:

Dragon tattoos, bridesmaids, black swans:


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